I See You've Come From Pinterest

You made it to the end of one of our posts! Or perhaps you did some clever searching and found us. 

No matter which path you took we are so excited you landed here! We are a family owned and run wholesaler of home decor and accessories. We've been doing this for a while, since 1979 in fact. Also, we love dogs.

With partners ranging from florists and boutiques to general stores and specialty stores, we have been fortunate enough to get to know folks from all over the country. 

If you have a need for decorative elements, we would love to get to know you and find out how we can help take care of your needs! To get started just take a look below.


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Meeting new folks and hearing your stories is one of our favorite reasons to come to work each day. I hope you'll take a moment to learn a bit more about our company and reach out to us! We are happy to answer any and all questions and give you our full support.

Phone: 714-549-9080

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Thank you so much for stopping by and I wish you all the best!

Spencer Cheung II