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    Perfect for creating ambience or used as décor focal pieces, lanterns gift a special touch beyond standard décor pieces. Perfect for electronic lights for long use, our lanterns come with a handmade, wooden or metal construction meaning no two will be the same.

    9 products
    5232-2BR - Jasper Hexagon Lanterns
    5232-2WT - Jasper Hexagon Lanterns
    5278-2 - Effie Hexagon Lanterns
    5888WT - Thistledale Décor Lantern
    5895WT-L - Caler White Lighthouse Décor
    5895WT-S - Caler White Lighthouse Décor
    FP-4476-2 - Lysander Lanterns
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    5279 - Myron Wooden Lantern
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    FP-4477 - Therin Lantern
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