Find us at Faire Winter Market!

Jan 27, 2022by Spencer Cheung

To round off trade show season, we'll be at the Faire Virtual Winter Market!

What's Faire?

So glad you asked! Faire is an online wholesale platform similar to the show but you can browse and do all your purchasing from the comfort of your pajamas. Each year, Faire hosts a virtual market with thousands of brands like us and provides some extra bonuses, like additional discounts, for those that order during their market.

The site is completely free to join and use.

If you're interested just click here to learn a little bit more. If you sign up with us you'll get a $200 credit and a year of free shipping with our line. Oh yea, you read that right. Free shipping. One Year.

More about the market!

Faire's virtual market will have a slew of online events, talks and shows in tandem with the market. 

The market will be from January 31st to February 4th

Our Suggestions:

If you are new to Faire we highly recommend you sign up and learn more about what the platform can do for you. If you are on already, browse our store now and get a cart together! Once market hits, place your order and take advantage of the additional discount Faire will provide. Everything will still be taken care of by us except it will all be located on one convenient platform.

If you have any questions on this just drop us a line or shoot us a message! We'd be happy to help you. 

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