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Summer 2020 Trade Show Information

*Updated 7/23/2020

Regarding Upcoming Summer Trade Shows

After careful consideration, we have decided we will unfortunately not be attending the Atlanta and Dallas trade shows. We still plan on attending the Las Vegas Market and will release more updates as they happen. To all of our Midwest and East Coast friends, we will see you in 2021!


Impact of New Safety Procedures

This year's trade shows will be a different experience altogether as campuses have implemented new safety protocols and processes. Atlanta, Dallas and Vegas each will have their nuances but the commons points for all three are:

- Elevators will have occupancy limits
- Mandatory temperature checks at entrances
- Individuals showing a temperature of 100 or more will not be allowed entry
- Masks will be required
- All shows are increasing the frequency and detail of campus cleanings
- Additional hand sanitizer stations have been widely installed

Atlanta and Las Vegas Specific Information:
video providing updates for Atlanta and Vegas was recently released. Below you will find the important points from the video concerning buyers and attending these two markets.

- Buyers and designers must pre-register online
- There will be a heavily downsized, onsite registration point
- Buyers are asked to sign up for one of two sessions; A or B 
- Requests can be made if you need to attend both sessions


Session A: Aug 13-15

Session B: Aug 16-18

Las Vegas

Session A: Aug 30- Sept 1

Session B: Sept 1 - Sept 3


Atlanta and Las Vegas - Additional Safety Information:
- There will be assigned entry times and locations and possibly for exiting
- New processes to increase air circulation has been implemented
- Upon request, buyers can receive a small PPE kit.
- Shuttles will board from rear to front and have 50% capacity

Dallas - Additional Safety Information:
- Valet and Shuttle service will not be available
- Those showing a temperature higher than 100 degrees will be escorted to a separate area for an additional temperature check

Additional Tip when Flying:
- If traveling by plane, be sure to download the app of your preferred airline as there will be less touch points as airports change their processes


To register now, just click the name of your desired show below:

Atlanta - Americas Mart Registration

Vegas - Las Vegas Market Registration

Dallas - Dallas Home & Gift Registration


To view show safety information, click on the desired show below:

Atlanta - Americas Mart Safety

Vegas - Las Vegas Market Safety

Dallas - Dallas Home & Gift Safety


As we get closer to the shows we will do our best to release the most important updates as they become available. If you would like to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, or to make an appointment just reach us at the below: